Blue Mountain Therapy is so thankful for our wonderful Physical Therapists!

The vision statement for the American Physical Therapy Association is “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” Every day we wake up and move. Roll out of bed, walk to the kitchen, reach into cupboards, step in and out of the shower, squat down to feed the dog, walk down stairs to get to the car, etc. Physical Therapists go into their profession knowing that difficulty performing these tasks can negatively impact how we view our daily lives. PTs work to get you moving again.

This link is a wonderful blog about “7 Things You Didn’t Know Physical Therapists Can Do For You” and Blue Mountain Therapy covers many of these treatments! There are so many benefits to choosing PT first!

Lymphedema therapy: We have trained therapists who address reducing swelling and improving pain with Lymphedema therapy. Lymphedema presents as swelling in the arms and legs from when the lymph system gets overloaded and stops flushing out fluid. Our trained therapists have multiple techniques they will train you and your caretakers in for long term management and work alongside your Physician to address the swelling and discomfort.

LSVT BIG and LOUD: This is a specialized, intense treatment for patients who have Parkinson Disease. With this neurological diagnosis, often speech and movements become smaller and slower, resulting in functional limitations in speech and activities. This program helps therapists create a unique treatment and “reset” movement and speech to improve function.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation from any heart or lung disorder or disease can be exhausting, and often times there is a period where it is difficult to leave your house. Our home health Physical Therapists can help you learn strategies to manage fatigue, monitor vital signs, and restore your function. We customize these treatments to your needs and create a plan with you and your Physician to determine the best goals and activities for you.

Brain Injury/Stroke Rehabilitation: Home health Physical Therapy plays a crucial role in rehabilitation from a traumatic brain injury or following a stroke. Our physical therapists work with you, your caretakers, and the unique set up of your home to address your safety and independence. We also provide you with a specialized home exercise program to carryover after discharge.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Knee, hip and shoulder replacements; spinal fusions, knee scope surgery, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, back pain, traumatic accidents, are all reasons to consider physical therapy. With the intention to address discomfort and encourage safe movement, we can help address the opioid crisis by providing pain management techniques and supervision with these to prevent dependence on medication. We work alongside YOUR nurse and physician to create the best plan for you!

Fall Prevention: Physical Therapists specialize in optimizing your movement, and often this involves safety strategies to keep you on your feet! As you age, falls become more dangerous and have more adverse effects. Physical Therapists perform specialized tests to measure your balance in different situations and then supervise you with exercises that improve your balance in your daily life. PTs also will perform an in-home assessment to recommend assistve devices like a walker or cane and make suggestions within your home to decrease risk of falls.

So go find a PT , and ask what they can do to help you optimize your movement!