Home health services begin with a referral from your physician to a home health agency of your choosing and a request to your doctor and home health agency to work with BMT as your therapy provider. Our trained and licensed team completes a unique assessment to determine your individual needs to improve safety, independence, and access within your home. Treatment involves the patient, caretakers, and family as a holistic team and often involves training so the effect can be long lasting.

Physical Therapy: Provide rehabilitative services aimed at restoring mobility and strength for those who are limited or disabled by physical injuries or illness. These services may include establishing a home exercise program for patients and caretakers, conducting home safety evaluations, assisting with pain control measures, and facilitating assistive device ordering and training.

Occupational Therapy: Provide rehabilitative services to maximize patients’ level of independence and functioning in activities of daily living. They may recommend exercise activities and specialized equipment to restore strength and function of upper extremities and hands, as well as other movements and patterns that support dressing, bathing, cooking, or other daily tasks. 

Speech Therapy: Provide rehabilitative services to develop and restore the speech of individuals with communicative disorders. Speech Therapists also work with patients to re-train them in breathing, swallowing, and regaining oral muscle control.

Medical Social Work: Social workers evaluate the social and emotional factors that impact a patient’s ability to benefit from therapy, and provide support and resources to care for these needs to maximize the independence and success of that individual patient.