APpreciation Portal 

Nikki, your dedication to our children is phenomenal. You give so much of yourself to these babies and I am proud to work beside if you each day.

Jessica is always so patient and kind with our ABA clients. She is very understanding of the kids and what they may be feeling. She is also always willing to help other therapists around her, without even being asked at times. Thank you for being you, Jess! You make everything so positive, and you can tell the kids adore you!

Whitney is the best therapist I have ever had. She made the visits enjoyable. She helped me reach every goal in 3 weeks. I would highly recommend her and if I ever need another therapist I would personally request her

Tayler is a wonderful therapist. She has gotten me up on my feet where I was just sitting in the chair before. She is such an encouraging therapist and encourages me to not give up, and to keep trying. She encourages me in so many ways and sometimes it’s the words of encouragement that means more than medicine. 

For our staff

Our support and administrative staff work hard daily to make sure that notes are clear, schedules are submitted, and our therapists are supported. Send some appreciation to an administrative staff! 

For Our Therapists

Our therapists are the face of BMT, and more importantly they are the hands of BMT. Serving their neighbors with their knowledge, compassion, and thoughtful actions daily, they are invaluable members of our team. As a patient, family member, or team member of BMT; your appreciation  and small act of kindness brings a smile to their face. 

For someone at BMT who made a difference

We hope to make a difference every day. For many of our staff members, going out of our way to make a difference is a routine. We see our staff going above and beyond, let them know you see it as well! 

Show your appreciation

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