ABA Therapy

At Blue Mountain Therapy, we are committed to increasing the quality of life for all our patients, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are dedicated to the individuals we serve and the lives we have the privilege of touching.

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Autism Therapy Supported by ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is the science of using research-based interventions to make socially significant changes in behavior for children with autism or other developmental delays. ABA therapy focuses on increasing skills for children to learn and play in their least restrictive environments. Many experts consider ABA to be the gold-standard treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental conditions.

  • Blue Mountain Therapy provides evidence-based interventions based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the clinic, home, and community to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental disabilities, and/or other behavioral impairments.

  • Blue Mountain Therapy’s ABA program focuses on increasing communication and social skills, improving independence in activities of daily living, and decreasing interfering behaviors.

  • Our mission is to educate and empower caregivers and other stakeholders to implement the principles of behavior to promote lasting behavior change across multiple environments and people for our clients.

Family Training

Our licensed BCBA therapists will work with you as a family and develop a training plan for long term success.

Social Skills

ABA Therapy includes social skill training, such as, imaginative play, reciprocal play, group routines and more to increase your child's quality of life.

Activities of Daily Living

Self Feeding, self dressing, toilet training, tooth brushing, hair brushing, food preparation and clean up, homework routine, age appropriate chores

Functional Communication

Verbal, Picture Exchange Communication (PECs), Augmentative Communication, Sign Language.

Making a Difference in our community

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Oh my goodness where do we start! I wish every patient could be cared for by both Katelin and Brandon. Kindness, caring and professional therapy is what you get with them. They go beyond their assigned work duties. They made me feel like they cared about me the patient . I was not a number and a hurry to get out the door! Don’t get me wrong they worked me hard and thank God I have improved so much ! We are so fortunate to have them in our little town of Ewing, Va.

Ethel Chadwell Parent

Appreciate all the care for our Mother. Katlyn has a caring nature and the education and experience to put that to use on helping my Mom walk. The 11th of February and we were told at facility at Mountain View that my Mother would never be able to walk. She is walking on a walker. If you know her history. As my sister Susie Swinney said Katlyn has done wonders for our Mom. Also thank Brandon for all his help.

Edith Chandler Daughter

The Blue Mountain Therapy team has given my son confidence, self esteem, and drive. They provide a beacon of light. Thank you, Blue Mountain Therapy!!

Tina McBride-Buck Mother