Blue Mountain Therapy: Employer of Choice

Desired Outcomes

We are flooded with information these days. It’s sometimes hard to determine what is factual. We at Blue Mountain like to keep things simple. Our goals are to be the ‘Provider of choice and the Employer of choice’. We feel like if we’re able to empower our employees to have a voice and to make educated decisions, we’re all stronger as a team. As a strong team, we’re able to focus more on Desired Outcome for our patients. As part of our team approach we’ve introduced our vision for what our company structure really looks like. Everyone has an important role to play and if all of our teeth on our gears are there then the Desired Outcomes are more efficiently achieved. 

What does it mean to me to be a part of Blue Mountain Therapy?

Here’s what a few of our staff as to why they choose BMT as their Employer of Choice.

For me, it’s being part of something bigger than myself and being surrounded by people who actively look for ways to improve lives and the community every day. It’s not just lip service, but a way of life. There will always be the bad apples that are a “me”, instead of “we”, but they eventually work their way out. BMT has been a bright spot for me and is something I’m proud to be part of. I don’t believe in much, but I do believe in BMT and what we’re about. 

Melissa Henderson
Office Manager/HR

I always liked that BMT was a smaller company, none of the “corporate” things to deal with.
I always say that I’ve always felt appreciated, but I don’t know that that’s the correct description. I do feel appreciated, but I think more so it has just been that I gave my all and I knew you knew I was doing the best I could and, therefore, I was not micromanaged.
I always felt like you had the therapists’ back when it came to anything agency related as long as we did have valid points.

Sharon Ridge, SLP 
Home Health Coordinator

Teamwork between all disciplines and the excitement we have for each when a child does well. All wanting what is best for the patients.  Lisa Brooks, SLP Outpatient Director of Services
I have described BMT as a large company with a small business culture. Meaning, I don’t feel like employees are seen as just a number on a page. We are all given opportunities to show our strengths, present new ideas, and challenged to be better when we fall short. I feel like BMT truly puts its employees and patients at the top of the priority list and there are not many companies that could genuinely say the same thing.

Kristen Blankenship, DPT

The sense of “team”… I feel like we are all building something together… I love the respect we all have. Specifically ABA, I feel like I’ve been here since the beginning and had a hand in helping what it is today.

Esther Berman, MA, BCaBA, LaBA
ABA Telehealth Director

Knowing I’m not in this alone, is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether it’s with decision making or anything from the administrative standpoint or clinically, I know there is someone at BMT there to help that truly is invested and cares just as I do. A lot of times you push me to make the decisions on my own, which in hindsight I always appreciate because a it leads to growth, but even when you push me I feel pretty confident that you’d be there still if I insisted on some help. Thankful and proud of BMT & thank you for all you do for me & the team!! 

Lindse Collins, LBA BCBA
ABA Program Director