Blue Mountain Therapy Makes Big Moves!

You tend to go in the direction you’re looking.

From the time we opened our doors we’ve continued to look for opportunities to better serve the needs of our community.

In the early stages of our company, we offered Early Intervention and Home Health Therapy Services. Over the past 2 plus years we’ve been able to start outpatient clinics in Wytheville, Abingdon and Norton, Virginia, expanding our services by providing ABA Behavior Therapy along with pediatric PT, OT and SLP services. Most recently, we’ve added Therapeutic Consultation to our list of services. In just 2 short years, Blue Mountain Therapy has expanded to fill the gaps in patient choice for our community.

Looking back on 2020, no one can deny it was a very challenging year, and that was also true for us at Blue Mountain Therapy. As a team, we all made sacrifices and had to be very flexible, knowing that we could get new rules and regulations that would require us to make changes almost immediately. To say that I’m proud of our team at BMT is an understatement.  Through it all, our patients were our priority.

In Fall of 2020 we started a journey with an incredible vision of the future. We were able to purchase the space formerly known as Dixie Pottery, which had been vacant since 2008. The Dixie location had been mentioned to me a couple of times and I just laughed it off. I didn’t think there was any chance that we were ready for that size of a property. About the third time it was mentioned to me, I decided that I would at least take a look at the property. It was pretty amazing how the situation played out. When discussing long term goals with the Real Estate agent, he mentioned that there was a total of 13 acres with approximately 6-7 acres in grass. I realized this would be perfect for therapeutic equine assisted activities, and that’s when we started to put our dreams of expanded therapeutic services into action.

Equine Therapy at Blue Mountain Therapy in Abingdon VA

We hope to offer PT, OT, SLP and counseling services to enhance the physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth through equine assisted activities. We closed on the property on October 31, 2020. We’re currently seeking to obtain a special exception through the Washington County Board of Supervisors to allow for equine therapy access. We’ve been hard at work converting an empty warehouse space into a warm and welcoming pediatric therapy clinic. We currently have approximately 25,000 square feet that we plan to open in late May or early June of 2021.

 Check back in for updates with our progress and plans for the rest of the property.