Community at Blue Mountain Therapy

com·mu·ni·ty: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. 

At Blue Mountain Therapy, we have many goals. Central among these is building a stronger community through the services we provide. With a coverage area from the Tennessee line to Roanoke, including clinic locations in Abingdon, Norton and Wytheville, VA, our therapists reach many patients. We are constantly seeking new ways to meet the needs of those patients and their families by improving their qualify of life. 

When BMT began, we only offered home health and Early Intervention. In the past few years, we’ve added behavior therapy (ABA), pediatric outpatient and therapeutic consultation. Our latest effort to expand services to meet the needs of the community is a project to add hippotherapy at our newest Abingdon location. 

hip·po·ther·apy: the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment,

We’re currently waiting for the Washington County Board of Supervisors to approve a Special Exception Permit that will allow us to offer Equine-Assisted Therapy Services at the former Dixie Pottery property. This location will also serve as BMT’s new headquarters.  

Our hope by adding this service is to fulfill a need that’s been unmet in the Southwest Virginia region for over 20 years. Blue Mountain Therapy will employ horses to assist in providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy services. These services come with additional expenses beyond what can be covered by insurance. Additional fees that will be incurred with this new service will be: horses to feed, a barn to maintain and additional staff to train in hippotherapy methods. 

Therapy Patient with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy outside with equine therapy horse in Abingdon VA

The fact that COVID-19 has impacted each of us is something on which we can all agree. Though COVID brought challenges we won’t soon forget, there has been some good to come of it. Did you know that the IRS is allowing non-itemizers to claim a one-time $ 300 per person donation to a qualified non-profit on top of the standard deduction? We hope this incentive will encourage each of you to find a non-profit/charitable organization to donate to prior to end of year 2021.  There are a lot of wonderful organizations that can benefit from your donation. If you don’t have the financial ability to donate, I encourage you to donate your time. We all benefit by making a stronger community. 

The IRS is allowing non-itemizers to claim a one-time $300 per person donation to a qualified non-profit on top of the standard deduction.

The Blue Mountain Foundation is a non-profit that was established to further Blue Mountain Therapy’s ability to serve our patients and their families. Any funds donated are used solely to benefit the programs that aren’t financially self-supporting. Examples of the programs that benefit from your donations:

  • Equine\Hippotherapy Program
  • Christmas Toy Drive
  • Supplying holiday meals to families

If you would like to make a donation that benefits Blue Mountain Therapy and the community we serve, you can do that through the Blue Mountain Foundation.

Please contact your CPA or tax professional for more information! 

Additional information can also be found through the following links:

If you want to make a donation that will help Blue Mountain Therapy, you can donate to The Blue Mountain Foundation, 501(c)3 by either a check or you can make a payment through PayPal using the email address of The non-profit status for this organization can be found below: