Patient Choice: The Blue Mountain Motto

Decisions. Decisions.

For those that know anything about BMT, you hear the word ‘choice’ a lot. It’s important that patients realize they have a choice in everything that goes into their care. Patient choice isn’t always understood, known or even honored. I hope you read this and gain a better understanding of why patient choice is important.

Why is Patient Choice so Important?

  • You should have access to the medical provider that you feel best meets your needs.

Therapeuatic services should be individualized based on each patient’s specific needs. There is no one-size-fits all in what combination of therapy our patients need, so the choice of a medical provider that can meet your individual needs is crucial. 

  • Bigger isn’t always better.

If a hospital or case manager chooses your care team and only sends referrals to their own, a system is created that eventually generates fewer choices when smaller companies don’t receive referrals and are unable to continue providing care. As Blue Mountain Therapy continues to grow, we keep that in mind because we believe competition is healthy and brings out the best in quality care. We strive to be your best option in care and service.

  • When patient’s have a choice, outcomes improve.

It has been proven that if you feel like you play a part in your care, there is an increased outcome in results directly correlated with patient cooperation and satisfaction. You’re part of the care team advising you. We believe it’s important that your goals become our goals.

  • Patient choice is so important…that it’s the law.

You have a legal right to choose your provider. It’s a decision that you have every right to make, and we want Blue Mountain Therapy to be your best choice.

What can you do to play a greater role in choosing your provider?

Ask for your provider by name at your referring physician. You can also call the provider you want and they can help you get navigate the referral process and receive the care you need.

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