Home Health Therapy

Blue Mountain Therapy is proud to offer home health therapy options for our patients. Our unique approach is tailored to fit your unique goals of safety, independence and recovery in your home setting

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Home Health Therapy Services

Home health services begin with a referral from your physician. Our trained and licensed team completes a unique assessment to determine your individual needs to improve safety, independence, and access within your home. Treatment involves the patient, caretakers, and family as a holistic team and often involves training so the effect can be long lasting.

To begin, please have your physician fax the order to 888-233-7885 and we’ll connect you to a Home Health Agency that services your area and accepts your insurance.You can also request Blue Mountain Therapy through the Home Health Agency of your choosing.

Speech Therapy

Home Health Speech Language Pathologists (SLP's) help patients improve their voicing, breath support, and oral musculature function as it relates to speech and swallowing.

Medical Social Work

Social workers evaluate the social and emotional factors that impact a patient’s ability to benefit from therapy, and provide support and resources to care for these needs to maximize the independence and success of that individual patient.

Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitative services to maximize a patients’ level of independence and functioning in activities of daily living to restore strength and function of upper extremities, as well as dressing, bathing, cooking, or other daily tasks.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitative services aimed at restoring mobility and strength for those who are limited or disabled by physical injuries or illness. Our therapists will recommend a custom plan to address the patient and caregivers' needs.

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Home Health Therapy Services

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Let Blue Mountain Therapy provide skilled home therapy services for you or your loved ones. All you need to do is call your physician and request a referral to Blue Mountain Therapy, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Oh my goodness where do we start! I wish every patient could be cared for by both Katelin and Brandon. Kindness, caring and professional therapy is what you get with them. They go beyond their assigned work duties. They made me feel like they cared about me the patient . I was not a number and a hurry to get out the door! Don’t get me wrong they worked me hard and thank God I have improved so much ! We are so fortunate to have them in our little town of Ewing, Va.

Ethel Chadwell Parent

Appreciate all the care for our Mother. Katlyn has a caring nature and the education and experience to put that to use on helping my Mom walk. The 11th of February and we were told at facility at Mountain View that my Mother would never be able to walk. She is walking on a walker. If you know her history. As my sister Susie Swinney said Katlyn has done wonders for our Mom. Also thank Brandon for all his help.

Edith Chandler Daughter

The Blue Mountain Therapy team has given my son confidence, self esteem, and drive. They provide a beacon of light. Thank you, Blue Mountain Therapy!!

Tina McBride-Buck Mother